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Slow Spring is Breaking

Spring has been slow in breaking this year. The surest sign it will truly come, to me, is a sunny daffodil bursting forth from the cold ground. This single intrepid blossom assures me spring is going to explode soon!

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‘Tis the season of waiting. Waiting for leaves to burst forth. Waiting for for the daffodils and squills to brighten dreary spring days.   Waiting to meander up the river, away from cell phone service, questions, and answers. Waiting for … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

href=”https://sonjasbakeshop.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/dsc_0107.jpg”>I have never celebrated Mother’s Day with my Mom. I have been with her every Mother’s Day for 48 years. But I have never celebrated her on that special day. You see, since I was about 4 years old, we … Continue reading

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Happy May Day!

I love May Day. It always makes me think of my Great Aunt Marian. When I was little we would make May Baskets. Usually Marian would have some strawberry baskets she had saved. We would line them with pretty napkins, … Continue reading

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I love, love, love the Miracle of Spring!

Tulips poking through the tundra. This time of the year is always chaotic. Greenhouses are overflowing, weather doesn’t cooperate, the phone rings off the hook. But in the last couple of days our over-abundance of snow has quickly dissapated. And … Continue reading

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