It’s all about me!

Life has blessed me with so many simple gifts. I get to enjoy 4 seasons on the plains of North Dakota with my husband, favorite dog and a pasture full of horses.

 In addition to raising quarter horses, we have a catering business (The Prairie Bistro) and a baking/confectionary enterprise (Sonja’s Old-Fashioned Delicacies) with which we get to pursue our love of food! And I manage my mother’s 40-year-old greenhouse/garden center.

How could a girl get to lucky! I get to watch foals grow, seeds become blooming plants and satisfy the sweet tooth of many. One of the reasons for writing this blog is to remind myself of all of these blessings and miracles when I am busy and tired (which is often!). 

 Wordpress suggests a blogger focus on just one area of interest. I never have been much good at decision making, so you’ll see photos and stories about our horses, food and plenty of flowers. I might complain about the weather or tell you something funny about my wonderful developmentally disabled brother or wax poetic about a road trip with my Knight in Shining Armor. Focus is not my strong suit!

 Thanks for visiting my life!

8 Responses to It’s all about me!

  1. Robbie Smith says:

    This is awesome Sonja! You are soooo talented and full of wisdom. I am lucky to work for you and especially to call you my friend.

  2. If you’re writing about horses (#1!) food, flowers, your brother & traveling with your sweetie–then you’re really writing about LIFE! There’s nothing wrong with that!

  3. Hi Sonja!
    I wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for not one, but two awards! I’ve linked your blog to mine ( and have nominated you for the “Sunshine Award” and “One Lovely Blogger Award”. Thank you for being such a loyal reader and follower!!

  4. Caroline says:

    Your blog is so cool. And I checked out your cook out, everything look scrumptious. Keep up the good work. Love reading.

  5. John R Beck says:

    Sonja, Hey girl that is what Shannon says about me, “it’s always about John” but I’m not sure that she means it in a positive way. Ha Ha!!! You always knew the way to a boys/mans heart (through his stomach). Just took a quick walk down memory lane, judging trips and Sonja’s cookies, How could life ever get better than that (at least for a 20 year old kid from Linton ND. I just read Nathan’s Eulogy and yes! God has better plans for us than we could ever image if we just give him the reins.

    • Hey, John, good to hear from you! I’m sure Shannon means it in the best way possible! 🙂 I always knew you got the right girl there. Someone who knows when to handle you with kid gloves and when to push you! I have noticed that she has a penchant for baking, flowers and photography. Sounds familiar. I have also noticed that she is very talented on all fronts. Plus a great cowgirl to boot. If she has any spare time, I could use her here.
      I miss Nathan more than words can say. He was such an integral part of who I am. And giving up the reins can be so hard! Take care of that beautiful wife of yours. 🙂 And if you ever want to come build me an outdoor kitchen like hers, come on up! By the way, I got the message from Pastor Todd.

  6. Judy Klein says:

    Hi Sonja! Your very special life makes you the very special person that is “you”! I have missed seeing you and your Mom.

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