Four-legged Fun!


Last weekend was the best! The QCS Ranch hosted the annual fall Kevin Vesey Equine Clinic. Twenty-five riders ranging from six to sixty years old, along with their four-legged BFFs, walked, trotted and loped through the weekend.


We learned basic skills for getting our horses to pay attention to us.

We pretended we were turning cows, barrels and doing spins. We worked on issues we have with our horses (or maybe issues they have with us!).

We were reminded how to look through a child’s eyes.

Sometimes we sat still and listened.

But it really wasn’t about learning new horse skills. Or fixing problems. It was about spending time with old friends and making new ones. Being with people and critters with whom we share common interests. It was about breaking bread together, laughing together and resting together. For me, it was a wonderful break in the midst of a whirlwind of fall’s work and baking season. For me, it was the best weekend ever!

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3 Responses to Four-legged Fun!

  1. Good to hear from you!! I’ve been wondering about ya!

    • Thanks! I have been watching your harvest progress. Life seems to have gotten out of control. A whirlwind of do this, do that, deadlines and squeaky wheels. Not only have I felt like I need to start a new direction after so many posts about Nathan (and it has been hard to re-direct) but my laptop will only let me load pictures, not text! Maybe this past weekend will get me back on track. Good to know someone missed me! 🙂

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