Happy 50th! And Happy Mother’s Day!


Fifty years ago today Mom received her Mother’s Day baby. NDNathan, which means “a gift from God”, became one of the tools God used to mold my parents into some of the most patient, forgiving, supportive parents imaginable.

ND (42)

ND (20)ND (5)


ND (21)

ND (80)

I wanted to say all sorts of birthday things for Nathan’s 50th birthday. But he says them just fine himself, without words. Just like he did for 48 years.

ND (28)

Which leaves me with just “Happy 50th Birthday, little brother!”

ND (44)

And Happy Mother’s Day to a truly remarkable woman, who accepted the challenges she was offered and came out better for it! I love you!

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2 Responses to Happy 50th! And Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Phyllis McLain Geving says:

    What a sweet memory of Nathan, sharing the joy he brought to your family. Sending a Happy Mothers Day greeting to your nice mother!

  2. Sally Dalrymple says:


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