This is my official rebellion. After all the comfort food from fall and decadence of the holiday scene the food shows and lifestyle magazines take it on themselves to tell us to cut out the cream and use skim milk, mash avocados to replace butter and replace sugar with agave.


Come on! This is winter. In North Dakota. One of the most miserable winters in recent memory. And I am supposed to eat vegetables and go carb free?


I’m sorry but that is not how my ancestors survived winter. So  I am officially rebelling .


I will not conform. I will use cream. And butter. And sugar. And I will survive this winter. I may not be able to fit into my skinny jeans (lol!) but I will survive!

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13 Responses to Non-conforming

  1. Phyllis McLain Geving says:

    I hear you! Even after being out of ND many, many years, my body still wants potatoes and carb foods in our California winters (this is a cold one). Goes back to genetics, and the pounds pile on, but the body wants to stay insulated!! Greet your Mom from us.

  2. totally! – and I’m allergic to avocados…

  3. Amen!! And I live in Nebraska where the winter has been exceptionally mild. I have yet to scoop snow! Do you share your recipe?? 🙂

  4. Darn! we are about 250 miles from I-29, which you will take to get to Winnipeg. Love the city. We used to go up frequently for girls’ weekends. Have fun!

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