Happy Place

I have a new happy place. I’ve always enjoyed the Mouse River Park. It is quiet and peaceful. Not much to do but look at the flowers and watch the river flow (or not flow!). But now I have a new reason to enjoy the Park.


For years I have wanted a kayak. I finally took the “plunge”! Now I can truly enjoy the river in peace!


After about 10 trips out I got brave enough to take my camera. My nature photography has a way to go! But this kind turtle took time out of his busy schedule to pose for me. 🙂


As I floated around a bend in the river, the grass rustled and this doe slowly wandered away from the river’s edge.


But my favorite part is the birds. I have decided this is my very own blue heron. He (I’m not sure about its gender) has often been waiting for me just inside the refuge. As I paddle by he flies around the bend and waits for me to follow. On Sunday night I paddled up further than I had before. He chose to turn back downstream at the same time I did.


Then he waited for me at each turn again. I’m trying not to believe I am annoying him (I’m sure I am !) I’d rather think he is guiding me!


And this is the other reason the Mouse River Park is my happy place!



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