Just a Rock

It’s just a rock.


But it’s not just a rock. It sat in front of our house when we were kids. I would lead my pony up to it so I could get on her. She would stand nicely until I crawled up onto the rock. Then she would move her hind end just far enough away so I couldn’t jump on. So I would get off and reposition her. Then I would crawl back onto the rock. She would wait……..  You get the point!

It’s not just a rock. It is where Nathan sat for hours on end, waiting for Dad to drive back into the yard. Or ponder life as the summer grew old, knowing it was time for school (and time away from home) to start again.

It was the perfect size for a small girl to crawl onto her horse. And the perfect shape for a small boy to sit and think and wait.

It’s not just a rock. It’s a very special rock; one full of memories.

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