Celebrating Christmas

I’m as bad as the next guy. I mean, my baking business is designed around the whole gift-giving, shopping, party-time theme.

My elves and I put in long hours making sweets for our customers to send to their relatives, friends, business associates.

We host Christmas parties for families, groups of friends, businesses.

Then we squeeze in get-togethers with family and friends. Which we need to do more often!


And I get sucked into the whole gift-buying thing. Love finding the right item for each person.

But, amid the chaos and stress that we impose on ourselves, we miss the real reason for the season. It isn’t sharing time with loved ones. It isn’t gift-giving (or getting). It isn’t the fabulous food or the family traditions. It isn’t about going to church and singing Christmas carols. It isn’t about dropping a few coins in the Salvation Army bucket or donating our cash or time to a local charity. It isn’t about the cute kids and Christmas programs.


What it is all about is that a child was born who ultimately saves us from ourselves, from the stress, from the chaos of this crazy, frightening world we live in. A child who opened the door to heaven for us by the gift of grace. And we should be celebrating this every day, not just on Christmas.

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