Christmas Memories

They say the first Christmas is the hardest. The first one without someone you love. And in some ways it has been tough. Mom missed Nathan’s special decorating techniques – like putting all of the ornaments on one side of the tree. 🙂 For her it was going to church on Christmas Eve without him. For me it was dishing out the rommegrot today and not making a dish for him.

IMGP4590And not wrapping a package of Mountain Dew (he was supposed to have diet, but I figured it was a sister’s right to give him all the sugar he wanted!) and Pringles.


But with the memories of someone who enjoyed Christmas so very much, how can one be sad for long? He loved getting clothes.


Silly Sammy was a favorite present, nearly worn out by the New Year!


Nathan played the bugle with his nose. He absolutely refused to put it to his lips!

IMGP4596His joy was always real and raw! Nothing was more fun than watching Nathan open his gifts.

ND (21)

Merry Christmas in Heaven baby brother! I wish we could make new memories but am so blessed to remember the twinkle in your eye.



The Santa Bear with the dirty nose because you loved touching it.



The shriek of joy when you opened up a package of socks or box of candy.


IMGP4592The tree that fell over in the middle of the night because all the decorations were on one side.  Your pistachio pudding salad.


The boxes lined up from the Christmas tree in the corner of the basement all the way to the stairs because you preferred lines instead of piles. The electric wine bottle opener that you made Mom buy for me on Black Friday.

IMGP4579 The joy you had in handing out presents to everyone else. How much you enjoyed eggnog and lefse. How you wanted the Christmas story read, but not finished!

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3 Responses to Christmas Memories

  1. Linda says:

    Merry Christmas.

  2. Kathy says:

    Great memories Soni💕💕

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