Horses and fruitcake 

November 15 and nearly 60 degrees. What unbelievable weather for North Dakota! What a great weekend for a horsemanship clinic. And that is why I am pouting. You see, about six weeks ago my husband asked which weekend in November would work best for me. Really? When was the last time I had a weekend off in November? Many years ago!  
So while I was wearing my Sonja’s Old Fashioned Delicacies hat at the Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcase, my friends were breathing in that wonderful horse smell and getting all sorts of tips to improve their riding skills. 

From what I have been told, it was a wonderful time!  (Insert Soni’s pouty face)  

But I have to admit, if I had to be stuck inside, I had it pretty good.  We had a great show: the shelves were darn near bare at the end of the day. My elves are going to be busy!  
I brought biscotti back into the line up and it sold very well. 

But the real kicker was fruitcake! We brought that back after a five year hiatus and it has been selling out! So nice to know there are so many fruitcakes  out there! 

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