Is it really that time?

My elves kept telling my it was time to get ready for the holiday baking season.


Time to make and wrap caramels.


Time to form the sandbakkels


Time to get the shortbread formed and in the freezer.  Pistachioberry

Time to mix up biscotti.

Molasses Spice Cookies 2

Time to mix up a million batches of Molasses Spice Cookies.  cathedral cake ingred (1024x768)

Even time to make the fruitcake!


Today was Fattigmand day.

Fattigmandmaking (38) (12) Fattigmandmaking (38) (32)

It’s always best to make that at night or on a weekend. None of my elves like going home smelling like lard!


As usual, my elves were right. We should have started mixing up our flour and butter and sugar a long time ago. Our first Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcase is only 5 days away. And all of our goodies will be oh-so-fresh!


Because when the pansies are blooming on November 1 in North Dakota, it is sooooo hard to think Christmas!

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3 Responses to Is it really that time?

  1. Sally Dalrymple says:

    OH the work! A previous boss used to make me a batch of homemade caramels for the holidays. He is gone now, but I always think of him and miss his generosity during this season. Wish I was close enough to sample yours. Hug your mother for me. Sally Dalrymple

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