Changing Seasons


This little patch of pansies has been a source of joy to me since early spring when they appeared along the edge of my sidewalk. The first to bloom this spring, they are still pushing out cheerful little blossoms despite being mowed, suffering from heat, drought and, today, frost.


Yesterday I attended the funeral of the wife of an old college friend. She was way too young, only 49. Her death was sudden and unexpected. I had never before been to a funeral that was standing room only-in a large church. She wasn’t famous. She wasn’t rich. She was apparently simply a good woman who was a good mother and wife, partner in life, and generous with her knowledge and wisdom and talent. I did not know her other than by sight (college was a long time ago, and friends lose touch). I am heartbroken for those who did know her and will miss her presence. But I am also inspired by her life, as are so many others. What a blessing she was to so many!


So today, the season worked on changing. It has been a late, warm fall. No hard frost until last night. The fog was dense this morning, leaving a bit of hoar-frost.


As the fog lifted, the colors started to show. Frosty edges accentuated the reds and browns of changing leaves.


This photo is poor quality, but just look at those colors! Not typical North Dakota colors. 🙂


This sweet hollyhock lends some femininity to the autumn landscape.

IMGP4384 IMGP4385

This Polar Joy Canadian rose is quite brave!


As is Captain Samuel Holland!

The seasons are changing. The frost is on the pumpkin. It’s baking season!

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4 Responses to Changing Seasons

  1. Maureen says:

    enjoyed your thoughts and photographs

  2. Rose Kormann says:

    Beautiful photography and poetic commentary.

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