This is NOT a Dog Blog!

Elroy and Elmo (2)

This is Not, I repeat, NOT a blog site about dogs. But right now the most fun part of our lives happens to be furry with stubby tails, very wiggly and covered in black and grey spots.


Elmo and Elroy are five months old now. Their personalities are diverging. Elmo did very well at obedience school. He likes to sit and watch. He ponders. Usually responds to commands. Elmo has more of a herding instinct. At least, he is the one to give chase to the horses at inappropriate times! He is our smooth and steady one. And seems to be the dominant pup.


And then there is Elroy. Our butterfly chaser. Our mouse hunter. He never sits still.


With one exception. Every night he crawls into Mark’s lap and has his tummy rubbed. Last night he literally snored for about 15 minutes in this position!


Yesterday they had gate-guarding lessons. It went tremendously well. Until there were horses around. 🙂 I guess if enough dry runs go well, then maybe someday……….


So far they are almost always the best of friends. And we are so blessed to have such an entertaining distraction in our lives!

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