Evening Ritual

In July our family grew.


Meet Elmo and Elroy. They are 4 month old brothers; Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix.


At the same time we acquired five kittens. Now, keep in mind, I am not bragging about our intelligence level. Just stating the facts! 🙂 We wanted the puppies to get along with the cats, so we threw them all together! So far, so good!


So now our days are filled with waiting. Waiting to grow up. Elmo spends a lot of time watching and waiting. Elroy prefers chasing butterflies.


The boys are also learning how to shred things. They spend their days in their super-sized kennel. Or tearing around the yard chasing butterflies and each other.


At night the coyotes come out so the menagerie moves to the barn.


It’s a rough life our critters live.

The boys are taking us to obedience classes now. So each evening we practice sit, stay, down, heel, leave it. The cats do their best to distract the pups.


Then Mark and I sit and watch the show. Puppies chasing each other. Puppies chasing cats. Puppies chasing flies.  Cats tormenting puppies. And each other.


Cats climbing everything.


Of course, we are very stern with the cats and dogs. No puppies on our laps. No tummies rubbed. Ha.  I think we are getting soft in the head.


The only evening ritual that is better than our barn time is Park time!

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2 Responses to Evening Ritual

  1. Lori says:

    Love, love, love life on the Stromswold farm AND your posts!! Miss you!

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