Mother’s Day Baby

Mother’s Day has always been a big deal in our family. It started forty-eight years ago when my baby brother came into this world on Mother’s Day, May 14, 1967. He was a perfectly normal, big baby boy. He was named Nathan, which means ‘gift from God.’


Before he was a year old he suffered from a high fever, which set him back a bit.

ND (33) ND (8)

The more challenges Nathan faced, the more gifts he gave us.

ND (46)

The gift of enjoying the simple things.

ND (3)

The gift of fun!

ND (31)

The gift of tolerance and acceptance.

ND (39)

ND (54)

ND (74)

Nathan shared his gifts with so many besides his immediate family.

ND (38)

Nathan gave us the gift of learning to get the point across without the benefit of speech.

ND (79)

The best gift was simply the gift of Nathan. The smile, the twinkle, the tease.

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