Little horses


I always have been a bit of a fashionista! Notice the trendy lavender pants and plaid turquoise shirt, the fabric hat with the brim turned up. And I have always had a preference for the small horses with attitude!


I haven’t grown up much. At least I ditched the lavender pants. (Thanks a lot, Mom). I still have a fondness for the little horses. Bitsy is a gem! She doesn’t mind having 12 months off between rides. She is one of the few who know that it isn’t worth getting all snorty because she probably won’t have to be saddled up for another year!


So I got my ride for the spring. Now this Totally Tangerine Geum is calling my name!


And when the sun is hiding behind those incessant clouds, Arizona Sunset Thunbergia shines some bright, welcome rays!


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