In Pursuit of Chocolate

A couple of years ago we pared down our offerings at Sonja’s Old Fashioned Delicacies. We were just making too many items; lots of different cookies, breads, cakes, quick breads, candies. Now I’m on the other side of the teeter-totter. Time to add some cookies back to the roster. I’m planning on returning a few cookies that we made a couple of years ago (not telling which ones, yet!). But we are getting lots of requests for Chocolate.

Mocha Cookies

Currently, our token chocolate cookie is our Mocha cookie, a decadent coffee laced cookie which contains three kinds of chocolate and is drizzled with white and semi-sweet. But it is expensive and, with the drizzle, the labor is a bit high and if you aren’t a coffee fan………. No, we are not planning on dropping the Mocha, but having a second chocolate option sure won’t hurt!


So the chocolate cookie quest has begun. The problem with chocolate cookies is that they are fickle. It is hard to get a deep chocolate flavor that lasts. And they tend to get hard and dry. And are sooooo easy to burn! These were fabulous coming out of the oven! I thought I had a winner. But the next day, not so much. 😦


Simply Chocolate Cookies

So I have revisited a couple of old recipes. There are reasons I discontinued these. But maybe, just maybe, it’s time to make some adjustments and try again. Simply Chocolate cookies are rich and stay fresh for quite some time. But the process doesn’t lend itself well to larger batches. But maybe a bit of tweaking will help. And I’m thinking of adding some pieces of chocolate.



Hot chocolate cookie

Another recipe I have revisited is Hot Chocolate Cookies. No, they don’t look as interesting as the Mocha or Simply Chocolate. But they have real potential. Hot chocolate doesn’t refer to a warm cup of milk with some syrup in it. This one has a nice touch of cinnamon and cayenne. Not too much, mind you. Just enough.

I think the next one will be a nice chewy meringue cookie. Hmmm. This is such a difficult job!

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