Bull moose

It’s funny how even nature changes over time. When I was growing up, there were very few moose in our country. I fact, I distinctly remember the very first one I ever saw. I was in my early teens. We were up at Lake Metigoshe and off the road about 300 yards was a big old bull taking a bath in a nice deep slough. These days we hear about a lot of moose spooking horses, causing car accidents or worse.

But I still get excited when I see one (sorry, my horse-loving friends). So today was noteworthy for a couple of reasons. First, I was cleaning house. THAT does not happen nearly as often as it should! That also was the only reason I saw the moose parade. While distracting myself from sweeping the bedroom I was gazing out the patio door and a moose cow and calf wandered down our gravel and into the stubble field directly east of our yard. Of course, my camera was in the other room, the SD card was not in it (won’t let that happen again!) and the telephoto lens was in its case inside the camera bag, etc……

I was moping about missing that opportunity as the pair gently trotted off to the next grove of trees. Of course, I did  not remedy any of the causes of my disappointment, figuring that I’d missed it for the day. However, about 15 minutes later along comes a bull moose. So I frantically find the card, stick it in the camera, shove on the telephoto lens and sneak out the patio door, leaving Ernie inside, much to his chagrin. By the time I realized that I had accidentally locked the SD card so my camera would not work, the big boy had loped off just as the cow and calf had. But I stayed and waited and he decided to turn around give me another chance.

Bull moose 2

Again, I cursed my lack of expertise as the sun was not in a good spot and I was only brave enough to leave the camera on automatic, but Bullwinkle gave me plenty of shots as he walked back my direction slowly, stopping once to stare good and hard at the horses.

Bull moose 3

Then he popped back up onto the road and disappeared the same way he came.

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