Old recipes

January is the best time to try new cookie recipes. The past season is still fresh in our minds: the successes, the flavors we were lacking, the recipes that simply took too much labor.


So I peruse my extensive library (this is a mere token sample đŸ™‚ ), I study magazines, I spend way too much time surfing the internet.


Then I was reminded that Sonja’s Old Fashioned Delicacies was all about the old stuff. My recipes. My mother’s recipes. My grandmothers’ recipes.


My great-aunt Dolores was a professional artist. Not much of a cook like her sisters were, but Aunt Do must have known when I was a teenager that a hand painted cookbook would come to good use. Too bad I didn’t take better care of it.


So I got out my old cookbook. And paged through Mom’s old Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. And flipped through the hundreds of recipes in the files I have from my grandmother Norma, great-aunts Marian, Dolly and Peggy. The problem with this is that there are so many, and so many with memories! Much more fun to browse than bake!


So I tried some new cookies. This chocolate cookie was fabulous coming out of the oven. Today, not so great. That is the problem with chocolate cookies. Really tough to get a good one.


Then I found a new version of Salted Oatmeal Cookies and Mom’s old recipe. They look pretty much the same. And the dough from both was pretty tasty. In fact, I think I had so much of the dough, I can’t make a proper judgment on the finished item tonight!

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