IMGP0283January is a month of transition. The sun shines longer as we head for spring. But I get to sleep more as the holiday rush is over. 🙂


It’s time to tuck away the proven recipes and try to perfect some new ones. Like Lemon Meringue Pie.


And maybe try a few naturally gluten-free recipes. Not making any promises on this! I don’t want to mess with the old stuff, but I know that there are goodies out there that are natural fits. Like meringue cookies. Pavlova. Flourless Chocolate cake. Yum….



On another note, we just took a quick trip into the Bakken (for those of you who are not from North Dakota, that is in the western part of the state where the oil boom has left it’s mark). We didn’t like the traffic or the scars on the landscape. But there are upsides. Like the challenges to our Norwegian and German taste buds. In Stanley there is a small authentic Mexican restaurant which is owned by a friendly couple who not only prepared good food, but made sure, in a friendly way, that we knew the proper way to eat what we had ordered. My pozole was great and Mark’s sopa was also very good.

This is also the time of year I start my Christmas cards. Mark used to tease me about whether they were for the season just past or if I was getting a head start on the next one. So I changed them to New Year’s greetings. Problem is that I can’t seem to transition into that mode. Maybe I’ll send 4th of July cards this year. I couldn’t even find a good picture of the dog to upload for this year’s card!

January is spent doing last year’s book work (very neglected while shipping out boxes and putting on parties) and making sure all is set for spring. Yes, I said spring! Greenhouse season is right around the corner. Yeah!!!!

petunia liners



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