Show time!

There is no longer any confusion about what season it is.  There is no more question as to whether we are in greenhouse season or baking season.  Our semi-load of soil has arrived and been tucked away in the greenhouse for the winter. The cases of pots and hanging baskets are resting up for the winter, too. The only job left is to cover the perennials. Probably a Thanksgiving job.


Nope, we aren’t thinking about tulips or petunias now. It’s time to get the caramels wrapped.


Time to press out those Sandbakkels.

Fattigmandmaking (38) (32)

Time to remember that the disagreeable smell of lard makes the best Fattigmand!


Judy and I have unpacked these carts twice, now. They don’t look like much here, do they?


Three hours later and, ‘viola!’ The tablecloths are positioned perfectly, the lights are sparkling, and the goodies are set out.

Two Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcases down, two to go.

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