Loving fall

I like fall. I really do.

Purple Dome Aster (1) (1024x679)

I love the fall asters, mums, and bright leaves.


I love the autumn sunsets.

DCN boxes ready (1024x768)

I look forward to the hustle and bustle of Holiday shipments and Christmas parties.

But it is a challenging time of the year. Because it seems like all the seasons want to have attention at once. Yesterday we received a shipment of containers for the greenhouse. Today we made Pfeffernuese and Extreme Nut Candy. Friday we have to unload a semi-load of soil before leaving for our first Pride of Dakota Holiday showcase of the season in Grand Forks. 2015 greenhouse season competes with 2014 holiday season.

Hoar frost

I need to remember that autumn is the time to slow down, hunker down for a long winter’s rest. I need to remember how blessed I am to have the opportunity to help people enjoy their holidays with tasty treats and how lucky I am to be able to play in the dirt in the spring and brighten people’s lives with colorful plants.

And I need to remember, that I truly do love fall!

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