The Grass is Green in Texas!

The Return to the Remuda Sale was held at the Burnett Ranch (known by its distinctive 6666 Brand as the ‘four sixes’ ranch) on October 10. I’m a week behind because as soon as the sale was over we headed north 1200 miles on Highway 83. Two days of driving and catching up on 10 days of laundry and work has put me a tad behind!

6666 supply house

The ranch in Guthrie, TX, has been in the Burnett family for more than 100 years. The current owner is the 23rd largest landowner in the United States. They are very proud of their heritage.

6666 halters (2)

Sale day was a whirlwind of horses washed, numbered, haltered, inspected. Tick marks made in catalogs.

Jeff Williams Beggs Ranch (4)

The Beggs Ranch offered several well-broke geldings. These horses knew their jobs!

Tongue River Chairs (2)

Each of the five participating ranches had a designated area for the families and management.

Circle Bar cowgirls (2) - Copy

Circle Bar Ranch did amazingly well on their broke geldings! Remember those nice grey butts in the last post? Those three horses brought the Daniels family of the Circle Bar nearly $100,000! Of course, putting cute young girls on bomb-proof horses doesn’t hurt.

Eugenie Daniels (5)

Eugenie should be happy. Look what that sorrel gelding with the three girls brought her!

Lot number 82

Nope, it’s not a typo! Like I said in the title, the grass is green in Texas. The horses seemed to be made of gold!

Pitchfork cowboys (2)

The Tongue River Ranch played the same care by putting their young cowboys on great geldings.

Tom Moorehouse

There were lots of smiles all the way around. Tom Moorehouse, the gentleman on the left, was featured in a recent Western Horseman magazine.

Dr Blodgett and  (1)

Dr. Blodgett on the left heads the horse program at 6666s. From all accounts he is a man of few words.

Pitchfork boys

Coffee Wagon

A modified chuck wagon served coffee.


Lot 140 waiting (1)

Not only is the grass greener in Texas this year, but so are their bank accounts! We really enjoyed our road trip and the experience of the Return to the Remuda Sale. Can’t wait to go again!

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4 Responses to The Grass is Green in Texas!

  1. Loved your post about the Return to The Remuda Sale. I’ve always wanted to attend that sale in Texas, but alas, have never made it there yet. Maybe next year. Thanks!

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