Show-off Day at the Pitchfork Ranch

It was demonstration day at the Return to the Remuda sale. This year the cowboys showed of their mounts at the Pitchfork Ranch.

Circle Bar Geldings

The Circle Bar had several well broke geldings. Nice butts, huh?

Boots O'Neil

This old cowboy from the 6666 Ranch is much more comfortable in the saddle than on foot. Besides, he gets all the girls that way!


Too bad we aren’t in the market for sorrel geldings. I really liked this Beggs ranch entry. All of the Beggs ranch horses are calm, quiet and smooth.


Waiting to rope.


One of the best parts of the day is watching the up and coming cowboys strutting their stuff. These younger cowboys are just as serious about their mounts as their dads and uncles are.



Proof you are never too old or too young to be a horseman!


Alright, these weren’t for sale, but they seemed to want part of the limelight today!


Tomorrow is Sale Day at the 6666s. What do you suppose is behind door number 4?

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