My Grape Misadventure

A few years ago we planted the left-over Valiant grapes on a fence to hide our propane tanks. Last year I made some really yummy jelly. This year we have lots more grapes so I decided to just make juice and deal with it later.


I had about 5 gallons to clean. Seemed to take forever!


They have had to be cooked in batches as I needed 4 Dutch ovens to get the job done. I hate to admit it, but my cupboards actually can produce that many pots, but my stove won’t hold them all at once!


I’m not a huge fan of grape juice, but it smelled SO good while it was bubbling away! Then I set up my cheesecloth and bowl and poured in the juice and mashed up grapes.


No, I did not butcher a hog in my kitchen. 🙂 My cheesecloth gave way and I lost at least a quart of that hot, sticky PURPLE stuff. With Mark wielding the mop and me the scrub brush we got the floor nearly back to its original color. But my poor cupboards are going to need a coat of paint. The old, dry wood sucked up that  juice just like a mosquito!


Have you ever heard of Pint and a Half Jars? I grabbed a box of what I thought was quart jars and they are only 3 cups. Weird. At least the juice is safely sealed away until I can find another reason to spill some later!

So that is my Grape Misadventure! Here’s to hoping I am smart enough to  do this in the Bakeshop kitchen next time where it is all stainless steel and concrete. Much easier to clean!


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4 Responses to My Grape Misadventure

  1. Oh. My. Gosh!! Did it just about make you sick to your stomach when that happened? It sounds like an adventure I would have. BUT, just think how good that will be this winter!

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