Get ‘er Done!

Loraine Sunshine Heliopsis (1)

Tonight I was reading the back of a tee shirt at one of Mark’s and my favorite summertime haunts – The Country Mouse at The Mouse River Park. It said “Get ‘er Done. Tomorrow.”

Manhatten Asiatic Lily (6)

I’m kinda liking the ‘tomorrow’ bit. After the intensity of springtime it is hard to get out of the need to ‘get ‘er done’ right now. And that wears on all of us!

Becky Luecanthemum (5)

But spring is over and summer is speeding away rapidly.


We need to get ‘er done. The water fights.


The hand-turned the ice cream.


Throw the bean bags.


Enjoy an early morning run (walk for me!).

Tomorrow I’ll get ‘er done. I promise.

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