Savoring Saturday

I’ve been savoring my Saturdays. Sundays, too. This was the last weekend I can call my own until mid-July.

My three-ring circus is so seasonal. IMGP0671

A month ago we started turning all that brown stuff green.

Terry's Houise (1)

While I haven’t gotten my hands nearly as dirty this year as usual (we’ve got more great full-time help this year), greenhouses are filling up, plants are growing and spring is coming!

Twister Purple Verbena

We are even seeing the occasional burst of color!

And I have been savoring these last days of spring before the flood gates open and The Flower House Garden Center is officially open for the season (April 14).


Which, of course, means that The Prairie Bistro  will soon (April 14, NEXT Monday!) be open for lunch.

Sienna and 2014 filly

We also had some new life to savor! Sienna brought us a healthy little sorrel filly with a star (sort of a personal joke around here as 99% of our foals are sorrels with a  star!).

So we savored this weekend. The last free weekend for a couple of months. But as much as I enjoyed the ‘freedom’, I have to admit I look forward to the craziness. I look forward to the structure of regular hours. I look forward to our loyal customers and new ones. I look forward to putting smiles on people’s faces with bright flowers and homemade soup.

So as I savored this Saturday, I will savor the next several, also.

As I am writing this long overdue blog post, I am reminded why I started writing Simple Gifts. My purpose was purely selfish. I needed to remind myself of the gifts in my life. It just happened again! This post started out as a deep breath before jumping into the busy season. It ended up reminding me how much I enjoy the smiles, the beauty we bring to our friends lives, if only for a short season.


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