Lazy Sunday

Today was 40 degrees warmer than yesterday! In fact, the temperature at 5 this afternoon was 40 degrees warmer than the wind chill at noon today. I felt so guilty as it warmed up because my lazy-bone had a complete grip on me today!


I didn’t get much done in the greenhouse this week. Thank goodness for good help! Both big houses are almost full and we are just starting! But we had our March Madness dinner at The Prairie Bistro this weekend.

shrimp on grill (6)

It was a very ‘shrimpy’ weekend!


So ordering shrimp, peeling potatoes and frosting Red Velvet Cupcakes was a priority for me. Again, a great kitchen crew kept diners happy.


When I finally ventured outdoors today, it was feeding time.

feeding tmie


mares on the move

ernie hiding in ranger

My brave cattle dog! I must say, Ernie is a quick learner. He got kicked once and now he figures his rightful place when the horses are on the move is in the Ranger! So much for dogs with Heeler in them being tough. This one missed out on that gene!


Bitsy enjoyed the sun today. I threatened to ride, but was way too lazy. Didn’t bother her much!


Zeke is Kaitlin’s horse. He was in the last post. Remember the pregnant gelding? He has another trick.

Zeke (1)

Nearly every photo I take of him, he is sticking his tongue out at me! Like rider, like horse?

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1 Response to Lazy Sunday

  1. dayphoto says:

    You are so busy you leave me tired! Happy spring though!

    ♬♬♬ Happy Saint Patrick’s Day ♬♬♬

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