Making Winter Shorter AKA Girlfriends Weekend

Why do we wait so long to do the things that make us feel good?

My psuedo-sisters and I usually try to have a girlfriend weekend once a year. Reality – jobs, kids, spouses, weather – seems to keep us at about every three years. 😦 But we did sneak one in this past weekend.

Our numbers were a bit skewed. Kate was home with influenza. She kept us updated on her misery. Poor thing. And we broke in a rookie this year. Two, actually!

Kaitlin and mags

After much deliberation, midnight phone calls and secret handshakes, we decided to let the next generation start to join the fun. Of course, adding Kaitlin meant adding Maggie!

Our itinerary is always pretty intense. The middle sister always draws the short straw: she lives in the epicenter of our world, she has a bunch of spare rooms, she is the perfect hostess (in my esteemed opinion), and she is an amazing cook. So we congregate at her house on Friday and sit and watch her prepare our bounty for the weekend.

Kaitlin & Gail

Family resemblance?

Sangria (4)

We have lots of health food. Wink, wink.


Here is where Amy starts working her magic.

Bruschetta (2)

Bruschetta with whipped feta and succulent tomatoes.


And a bit of antipasti. What a way to start out a cold weekend!

mushroom sauce (1) - Copy

After we let the first round absorb, Amy starts round two. This year it was spinach salad with brie, pears and roasted pecans, Mushroom ravioli with mushroom sauce and seared tenderloin.

tenderloin (2)

Who needs to go out to eat?

Kim Crawford

Of course, a fine meal needs a fine glass!

Silver slippers

Our little group is aging. The eldest member has recently reached a ‘certain age’ and Kate, the missing member, felt it necessary to send her some sparkly slippers as she says old people like sparkly things.


The rookie provided us with scones for breakfast. Perfect start to the day (do you see a trend here?).

successful TJ Maxx shopping

Then we bundled up and headed to Fargo for some retail therapy. A bit of discount shopping for those of us who live a long way from anywhere. Then we hit Nichole’s Fine Pastries for a light lunch (killer Mushroom and Barley soup). When we were revived we invaded all the fun boutiques on Broadway.


This was one treasure we did NOT buy!

ready for the HoDo

After all that work, a break at the HoDo was necessary.

Thanks Judy

Fine friends, fine dining, fine shopping, fine wine or wine product, depending on taste 😉 and fine conversation!

I can’t think of a better way to make winter a bit shorter! Except having Kate here in person. Thanks, girls!

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2 Responses to Making Winter Shorter AKA Girlfriends Weekend

  1. Nice picts and summary. The mushroom sauce looks like you could put it on old shoe and it would taste great. Kate was sad to miss, but liked the text updates. 🙂

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