Baby Steps

I have been taking baby steps since my last post. I did start out with taking Ernie’s lead and enjoyed a nice nap.

kitchen filled back up

Kaitlin and I got the kitchen put back together. I guess that was more than a baby step. Look, we even initiated the new paint with some flour! If only the new paint would wash itself.

Holiday cards

Tonight I finished my New Year’s cards. Well, actually, almost finished. I will have to actually go to the post office to mail the international cards. I sure hope they don’t end up sitting on my desk for six months until I get that job done!

The paint job is about half done. The book work is nowhere near half done. I seem to keep finding other little projects which are MUCH more important than the book work. 😉 Maybe tomorrow.

I am hoping to post more often. (another project that seems to only get half-done) My old-faithful camera had to be replaced last spring and I was not happy with the used body I bought to replace it. So I bought myself a Christmas present and am having a tough learning curve. Writing seems so much more difficult without good photos to go along with the words. Please be patient with me!

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2 Responses to Baby Steps

  1. Kwadwo says:

    It’s tough writing without pictures, isn’t it?

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