I have a problem.

Admitting one has a problem is supposed to be the first step to recovery. But this is a problem I have been aware of for a very long time and have not made a single step toward rectifying the situation.

You see, I have an addiction to having too many irons in the fire. I can’t seem to start a project and see it to completion before I start (or become obsessed with thinking about) another project.

There is, of course, the year-end book work which is not optional. If I dedicated a week to it, it would be done until next year.


But the kitchen needs a thorough cleaning. Might as well paint the floor, too. (This is one of the few projects that is actually getting done).


Then I have to put the kitchen back into the kitchen. This is also not optional! Funny how the contents seemed to explode as we emptied the kitchen. Could do book work after that.


But I have a painting job in the house I started a couple of years ago. Should finish that, too. I did wash and paint the landing. But the stairwell is so intimidating! Then there is Mark’s office. And the hallway. And the living room. I have the paint.

But the basement needs cleaning. And I need to put some of the boxes from the kitchen in the basement, so I really need to make room down there soon. You are NOT getting a picture of my basement! I know someone would have me committed for hoarding if I posted that! If I were to start cleaning the basement, I would have to make decisions about a rummage sale, or good will or throwing stuff away – horrors!

So the next option is addressing and writing in New Year’s cards. I did start. But then I had to go find my address book. Needed some nice paper to write notes on to my overseas friends. That is down in my office. Actually, my office and the kitchen are one and the same. You saw the picture of the contents of my kitchen. I’ll never find paper in that mess!


So, you see, the other part of my problem is that I can’t make a decision to save my soul. And trying to decide which project to tackle is very wearing. So I think I’ll take Ernie’s lead and just take a nap.  Rest is vital to recovery, isn’t it?

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5 Responses to I have a problem.

  1. dayphoto says:

    I like the rest idea. I take a nap every day…always have and always will (accept in school) they frowned on naps).


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  3. Linda says:

    Nice to see (well maybe that’s not a good choice of words) someone else that feels way over their head in “to do’s”. I’m going to dung out my basement…..after I finish a few projects. I just hope I get it all done before calving starts or it’ll be a next year thing……..again.

    • After cleaning out the bakeshop kitchen I have more stuff to go into my basement. And there is no room left! But, like you, I am starting to feel the promise of spring as an impossible deadline. I might just have to stack it a little higher. 😉 Looks like basket-making is much more fun than basement gutting!

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