Out with the Old, In with the New. Not so Fast!

Happy New Year!

Mark and I decided to have a doughnut cook-off on New Year’s Day. I’ve only made them a few times and the last time was probably 15 years ago.


So we used Mark’s Grandma’s recipe. Ingredients only, of course. No instructions.


I went searching for the method for doughnut-making and decided to compare Grandma’s recipe with one from one of my favorite basic cookbooks.


The recipes are quite similar. But the older recipe has sweet cream. 😉 Score one for Grandma!


The newer one uses cake flour instead of all-purpose.


Here is a shameless plug for my favorite mixer ever! My dad bought this for me in 1990 when I first started my baking business. It never missed a beat. Ever. But I bought a new one (it is a pretty red color) in 2006. The bowl capacity is larger, but it is sooooo not my old mixer. Still a Kitchenaid but much noisier, clunkier (is that a word?) and gets hot after just a bit of a workout. 😦


Of course, for the big jobs, we pull out the big guns. Very old and very reliable.


Back to the topic at hand! After the chill, we had to find a doughnut cutter. THAT was not a problem! I seem to have a plethora of cutters; new, old, round, square.


So I picked the more old-fashioned style for Grandma’s recipe. It just made sense.




And the more common, newer style for the Cooking A to Z recipe.




Not Grandma’s.


Winner! Hands down! Thanks Grandma Skordahl!

Here’s to old recipes, old mixers, and old friends! All the best in 2014 to old friends and new. 😉

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6 Responses to Out with the Old, In with the New. Not so Fast!

  1. Love this post! I tried my hand at making doughnuts once. I didn’t do so well. We decided the doughnuts from the store were better (and easier). BUT…I LOVE old recipes! Thanks for sharing.
    P.S. Sounds like you better just stay inside and bake straight through for a couple of days. Two reasons – to avoid going out in the bitter cold and to keep your house warm. 🙂

    • I’m not a huge doughnut fan myself. They were fine right out of the fryer. And, yes, inside is the best place to be right now! Yesterday it was unusually warm at 37 degrees. It was -24 this morning and may climb to -13 if we are lucky. Tomorrow the HIGH is supposed to be -24 with a windchill of -60. It was nice that we had a nice window in which to get extra chores done before going back into the deep freeze! Strange weather.

      • I experienced -45 while we were in Canada the first week of December. I don’t know how ANYTHING works – man, beast or machinery – in this kind of weather! I’m just happy not to have to be anywhere! Stay warm and inside!

  2. Oooo, I love plain cake donuts like your grandma’s! No icing etc.

  3. Those doughnuts look amazing! I bet they were delicious when they were warm. Yum!

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