‘Twas the Season

We just finished harvest time for the bakeshop/bistro ring of my circus. My staff did an amazing job of putting out a ton of cookies and candy for holiday gift-giving. Many orders came in late and we were able to take care of nearly everyone who called. The weakest link was the supply manager (guess who?). There were plenty of last-minute trips (thanks Leah and Mark!) for flour, shipping boxes, packing peanuts. Thank heavens for overnight shipping, a fantastic grocery salesman and a very cooperative UPS driver!

Almond Butter Crunch (1024x768)

But there was still time to party!


The Prairie Bistro hosted several Christmas parties for local businesses.


Except for some odds and ends we finished up the Friday before Christmas. Time enough to start 😉 my own Christmas shopping, do a minimal amount of cleaning and get ready for our family holiday.

Christmas is over, the dishes are done and I still haven’t finished wrapping all my gifts or written a Christmas letter. I guess I will be sending a New Year’s letter instead! To be honest, even that will have to wait until I can pry myself off the couch. It’s funny how quickly priorities can change!

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