Great jobs!

This is a crazy time of year. Okay, I guess each season is crazy, just in different ways! But this particular change of seasons is always a bit crazier than most. We are busy putting the greenhouse to bed for the winter, picking up more catering jobs and gearing up for the holiday baking season.

Last week we had two great jobs.

The first was a ladies night out. I don’t know how the idea came about. All I do know is that one amazing woman, Lisa,  in a really small town in rural North Dakota rounded up 185 women – some young, some older, some Red Hats, some young moms – in a county that probably does not have 185 women as residents! She found sponsors to cover the expenses of a night of wine, lots of food, fellowship and a fantastic inspirational speaker. Lisa found enough corporate sponsors (I wish I had a list of them) so that the $10 ticket would not exclude anyone. And Katie Dilse who is part of a group of women who ‘Speak from the Heart’, entertained with humorous stories about her rural life, entwined with reminders of how important women, especially rural women are. But what inspired me most was simply the positive feeling generated by bringing together human beings who share a common bond of rural life. Even The Prairie Bistro staff felt like we were rocking when we finished the ‘job’! I wish I could have caught the general atmosphere and goodwill of the evening and put it in a jar to use when things don’t seem to quite go right: as in most of the time!

Then we served a prime rib meal to a family who makes a tradition of hunting together. The matriarch of the family hasn’t been well and some of the second generation decided to make this year a special event. One that we were fortunate to be part of. Thirty-five adults and a couple million children under the age of six filled a house that has been added on to several times in the past four generations. Coming from a small family whose extended family that is not real cohesive, I was touched by the strength of ‘family’ that day.

Shortbread making (4) (1024x679)

Speaking of family, the bakeshop  elves have been confined to the kitchen as of today and will not be let out until everyone gets all of the Molasses Spice Cookies, Sea Salt Caramels and Sandbakkels you need for the holiday season! Can you smell the ginger? The almond? The butter?

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1 Response to Great jobs!

  1. faye504 says:

    I saw your picture at the girls nite out ,I think it was Bowbells,Katie Dilse is from here she and her family go to our church!

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