There was too much static in my life last weekend. Computer crashed, still waiting to cover greenhouses, October Fest Dinner to prepare and serve, a semi-load of planting media showing up at an unscheduled time…….. Just too much distraction.

So Sunday I had enough. I left my phone inside when I went out. Sent one text, then shut the thing off. Left the laptop alone. Didn’t pick up my iPad. I felt a combination of smugness and guilt. Smug that I had taken control and decided not to connect. Guilty that if someone needed me they would have to wait or try a little harder than normal to get a hold of me.


I cleaned house, went for a short ride and took a few photographs.


Monday morning I checked my email and turned my phone back on. No reason for smugness or guilt. I am not nearly as important or popular as I must have thought! Not a single new email, no missed calls, no urgent (or otherwise) texts! Sort of burst my bubble. At least Williams-Sonoma, The Company Store and LL Bean felt I was important enough to send special sale notices to me.


And, of course, Ernie was glad for my undivided attention!

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2 Responses to Unplugged

  1. Beth says:

    I would really like to do this one day a week… Isn’t it a funny old world when we have to plan time away from our tech devices, or feel guilty about it!

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