Naked Greenhouses

This is NOT my favorite view of our greenhouses. And, yes, we did this on purpose.

plastic off greenhouse

Every four to six years we take off the old skin on the big houses (as long as Mother Nature hasn’t already done it for us!) and replace both layers. The job itself isn’t all that hard. The challenge is all in the timing; finding enough bodies to pull and hold on when the wind isn’t blowing any harder than about five miles an hour. Keep in mind this IS North Dakota! You never know when that will be. Usually at 7 am – not the best time to call for help – or at about 7 pm, just before dark. I’ll keep you posted. We’ll see if I actually have enough friends who will answer my phone knowing that the plastic is off!

In  the meantime, I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of walking. A couple of years ago I was pretty consistent. But it is so much easier to break a habit than keep it! So Ernie and I have headed out a couple of times. And the evenings have been so nice!


This was our view on the way out a couple of nights ago. The sunsets have been spectacular!

looking toward mohall

This was the opposite view on the way home, looking toward town.

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