First Frost

I’ve been surprised at how long it took for our first frost this autumn. But finally a couple of nights ago the cold descended. Not like it did in South Dakota and southwest North Dakota! But enough to give us permission to start fall’s work.

Cannas Main Street 2013 (7)

Time for the City to cut down the Canna on Main Street. This is the hard part! They go from statuesque and impressive to…….


huge stumps of tubers and stems is a really short time!



The same job was done on a smaller scale at The Flower House Garden Center. We pretty much cut off all of the perennials except the ones that are fall blooming. It is a bitter-sweet  time. We enjoy the change of season and are ready for the rest that winter brings to nature in our part of the world. But it is always hard to let go of summer!


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1 Response to First Frost

  1. Beth says:

    Bitter sweet is a good description; you lose all the beautiful foliage but at the same time you get a bunch of new babies ready to be separated and nurtured into next season 🙂

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