Dog Days of Summer

I’ve been really slack on posting the past six months. Too bad, because I really enjoy writing this blog! But I promised myself when I started this I wouldn’t whine about being busy all the time. So. Poor me. The page has been blank!

Brown Betty Head shot

But I just had a three-day weekend! The work kept whispering to me, ‘there’s Lemon Drop Cake to make,’ ‘don’t you think you should do just a tiny bit of book work?’, ‘printing out a few perennial labels won’t take that much time. Really.’ But I was strong! Very, very strong. Late night reining at the North Dakota State Fair. A nice nap the next day (this old lady can’t handle late nights any more!). A bit of horse work Saturday (shots, wormer, etc). Leisurely house cleaning today (the dust was actually drifting like fresh snow on my dresser). Then a short ride tonight. Yep, it’s been awhile since I’ve been in the saddle, so I know tomorrow my posterior will be a bit sore. But there’s nothing like the smell of a horse to slow you down!


Of course, Ernie, the resident boss, the most spoiled puppy on the planet, doesn’t allow for too much rest. Especially at 4:45 am. After all, the eastern horizon is starting to glow. And there’s got to be something much more fun than sleeping. Like pouncing on top of his sleeping ‘owners.’ Did I mention he must weigh 40 pounds? Of course, during the night he has already gutted his dog bed (Kaitlin thought that all that fluff was dust bunnies. Maybe I could cross the fluff balls with dust bunnies and come up with some cool hybrids!). And emptied the bathroom garbage. I keep being advised to leave him outside in the kennel (won’t let him loose as there have been wolf sightings in our area) but……. He is a really good napper, though!

Becky Leucanthemum - Shasta Daisy

Becky Leucanthemum – Shasta Daisy

Emily Carr Canadian rose

Emily Carr Canadian rose

Goinh Bananas Daylily Prairie Joy Canadian Rose Tokajer Gaillardia

The display bed is coming alive with its summer color. I’ve been trying to work on my photography skills, but have not been happy with the results. But Nature is gorgeous, no matter the photographer’s abilities!

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