Queens and Greens

I was complaining the other day. Something I do well.

To Leah I said, “It’s just not fair. No one comes to me and says ‘something good has happened’. No. They all come to me and say ‘we’ve got a problem’, ‘there is a problem with this’, ‘I’ve got a problem’, or ‘you’ve got a problem.'” And my dear friend said in return, “so what do you want them to do? Hand you a crown? Like you are the queen?” Naturally, I thought this would be a marvelous idea!

the queen's crown


So, as only a special friend would do, Leah drove to Minot (50 miles), bought $1.98 worth of pipe cleaners (plus tax!) and worked her fingers to the bone to create a crown worthy of a queen! I’m pretending that she and Kaitlin think I am the queen of something good, not the queen of complaining, or the queen of problems or the queen of procrastination. Certainly not the last one! It can’t be that I am a royal pain in the behind?!?

On a greener note…….

Rosie's house march 2013 (1)


The geraniums are growing well. We had to spread the vining crops already as they were tangling. And the hanging baskets are starting to fill up. There may be 3 feet of snow outside yet, but we have faith inside!

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1 Response to Queens and Greens

  1. Ardelle says:

    I cannot wait to see the beauty when you open & I can’t wait to bring my camera đŸ™‚

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