Limo Ride

This post is only about three months late. But, heck, there is plenty of snow on the ground so it still sort of feels Christmas-ish.


Last fall I wrote a post about my brother Nathan. He lives in an apartment with a fellow with Down’s Syndrome. They often go shopping at the mall. Last November Nathan and his roomie were at Target with some of their staff (angels who stay with them) and a gentleman came up to them and handed them each a $100 bill. They were to spend it however they pleased.

Now, Nathan and his buddy aren’t really into things. They both like movies, food, new gloves. But those things aren’t special. His staff called us and asked what we thought. No good ideas. So his staff decided to rent a limo and drive view the Christmas lights around Bismarck.



Nathan and two of his friends and three staff spent a fun-filled evening riding around like kings and having a blast!



Thanks to Santa or an angel or just a nice man paying it forward! You really made Nathan’s day. What a nice reminder that there are really good people out there!

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