White and Green

The foot of snow we received a week ago has kept us busy pushing snow.DSC_0046

The snow has inconvenienced those of us who move around on two legs, but Ernie has found the piles and piles of white stuff to be a great playground!


And he really likes the extra height so he can peek into the greenhouse.


We are lucky that Fred has a very healthy respect for wire. It wouldn’t take much for him to step over right now!

Ernie meeting the horses

Ernie has proven to be frightened of motors, fans, loud noises. But he is fascinated with the horses. He can spend hours watching them. He is also digging holes (just like Barney) and chews water bottles (just like Barney).

On a warmer note, the greenhouses are filling up. A kabillion plants came it this week and are waiting to be planted up.

liners in

This is nearly half of what came in this week. Looks like it will be a working weekend!

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5 Responses to White and Green

  1. Holly Mawby says:

    Our new barn dog Millie (also an Aussie) logs to dig holes too. ITs great fun to watch in the snow but a practice that will have to be quickly broken once spring comes and she starts digging in my garden! Aren’t puppies fun?!

  2. Holly Mawby says:

    I mean she *loves to dig holes, Gees! I think all this snow has gone to my head!

  3. Janis Ripple says:

    I enjoyed your story and photos, greenhouses look great.Spring!

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