Winter Reminder





Fred in the blizzard



Old Man Winter returned full force today. We normally don’t put any of the horses in during bad weather because they can get behind something – trees, bales, buildings – to get out of the wind and they can usually group up to stay warm. but Fred (officially known as Hickota) is by himself right now – not his choice!- and the wind was from an unusual direction. So we made a quick pen in the new barn for him and he is enjoying his rightful spot as king of the ranch out of the wind and snow.

Ernie missed his new friend Maggie. Kaitlin got her just before we got Ernie and they play wonderfully together. We are hoping her mothering instincts work on the young pup. She is very patient with him!


Ernie and Maggie


Aren’t they sweet?

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1 Response to Winter Reminder

  1. Linda says:

    Looks like you’ve got yourself some winter!

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