Meet Ernie

We have a new family member. Meet Ernie.



He is just 8 weeks old. His papa is an Australian Shepherd. Mama is half Border Collie, half Blue Heeler. Do you see the one blue eye and one brown?



Ernie’s favorite place is under stuff. He loves to be under my dresser (dust bunnies don’t scare him), under the hall tree in the entry or in the depths of my closet or Mark’s.


I’m not sure why my shoelaces have suddenly become different lengths. Any guesses?



Here he is sharpening his shoe-lace-chewing teeth. Or sock-shredding-teeth. Or rocker-scratching teeth. Ouch!



The man of the house has always said he won’t have a house dog. If a dog is in the house, it must stay in the entry. Behave itself. We were looking for another pup. Probably in late March or April. When it is nice enough outside to leave it out. So last week when I was in Hillsboro for a few days he calls and asks which way I am coming home. Why? Cuz he found a pup online. I could pick it up in Jamestown on Wednesday. Of course, it’s February.  Way too cold outside for a pup by itself. So Ernie is in the house. And in the entry – at night.  As we were playing with him the second day home, I said maybe we should be teaching to stay on the linoleum now. Mark says, “Awww, the carpet is old.” Which is true. There was a rule about no critters on the furniture. Did you notice?

Yep, the training is going well. Ernie’s got us – in just a few short days! Barney would be so proud!

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3 Responses to Meet Ernie

  1. Tammy Swenson says:

    He is darling!!!!

  2. michelle says:

    What a cutie pie! Can’t wait to spend some time with him this spring/summer! Sounds like he has you both right where he wants you 🙂

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