I’ve been slacking in the blog department. My camera broke down and now I am trying to figure out the new (to me) one as well as the flash I have been coveting. And we’ve been busy with the Valentine’s Dinner. A couple of times I have even tried to write something but the oh-so-daily stuff just hasn’t been very interesting!

But today I am slacking in an entirely different way! Friday we had to try to recover from a very frantic but successful Valentine’s dinner.



Then Saturday Kaitlin and my ‘sisters’ and our spouses met in Grand Forks for the George Strait concert. Martina McBride performed for a great hour and a half. Then ‘King George’ kept us well entertained for two whole hours! Of course, there was good food, some beverages and lots of laughter involved in the weekend, too. Since we don’t go out with friends often, I think Mark forgot what it sounds like to be at a table of women who have lots to say to each other! Maybe there is a reason we don’t do that often! But it was sooooo much fun!

We all stayed at what we call the Gordon Motel; the home of one of my ‘sisters’ and her family. It’s the kind of place where you can stay and not feel like it’s a big deal. The food is always amazing, no matter what it is. And Amy always makes it seem so effortless. DSCF0966

I have to attend a pesticide certification class in Fargo tomorrow, so I stayed on when everyone else left. Lucky me! I took a three-hour nap, then spent a couple of hours talking recipes with Amy. David made homemade pasta which Amy turned into ravioli with a simple but delicious tomato sauce. No fuss. Just amazing.

It stormed today. David decided to work at home and hid himself in the spare room. Amy went to work. I slept late, caught up on emails and have been watching the food network. Poor me! I could get used to this. But there is a new puppy waiting for me to pick up on the way home on Wednesday and a greenhouse to prepare for our first shipment of plants. And, and, and………. But I think I feel a nap coming on right now. I’ll worry about puppies and plants later. Much later.

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