Does it Have to be Monday Tomorrow?

I wish more weekends were like this!

New recipes intrigue me but I very seldom actually get (take) a chance to try one. I decided to try a couple out of Bon Appetit. But it’s really no fun to share three experimental racks of ribs and six pretty cups of Chocolate Mousse with just one, so we invited a couple of couples out to use as guinea pigs!
Guinnea Pig Dinner
The ribs were a success, the cauliflower could use a little work and the mousse was outstanding. The company was over-the-top!
Saturday was finally nice after several days of wind and cold. So Leah and Kaitlin and I saddled up. Santa had brought a super-sized soccer ball which we bumped around a bit. After a couple of hours our toes were cold and our poor, out-of-shape ponies were glad to get back out into the pasture.


Sunday morning was lazy. I tried another new recipe for baked eggs. Not really a keeper. Then out to help feed hay.



The buggy mare always stays off a bit, but Zeke, Kaitlin’s horse (on the right), sort of thought that maybe coming up too close might mean another day’s ride!

Another new recipe – Ree Drummond’s Pulled Pork – and a short ride and yummy tuna melts curtisy of Kurtis.

Sounds like an ideal weekend to me, with the exception of some extra pounds added on!

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2 Responses to Does it Have to be Monday Tomorrow?

  1. Julie says:

    Makes me a little homesick, Soni! Especially the shaggy winter coats!

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