Wedding Countdown

Kaitlin, our rent-a-kid/fence-fixer/pooper-scooper/greenhouse everything/tempermental-Swedish-Chef, is getting married in just less than two weeks. The wedding is private, but she is turning the greenhouse into a Winter Wonderland for the reception. We’ll do the food in The Prairie Bistro kitchen. While Katie tends to be a fairly organized young lady, I haven’t given her much time in the past couple of months to do any of the prep work. But we have LOTS of time!

Cinnamon lollies 1

Katie remembered the lollipops I used to make to sell back when she was really young and decided that was her choice for favors for the wedding. Cinnamon was her favorite flavor.

Cinnamon lollies

The fun part about cinnamon candy is that the cinnamon oil gives you a bit of ‘sunburn’ as you stir it into the hot candy. Clears out your sinuses real well, too! I decided to let her do ALL the work!

Rootbeer lollies

For the non-cinnamon eating guests, she made rootbeer candy. 300 lollies later, Katie was catching on to my fascination with sugar work.

One job done and 13 days to go! Katie, don’t read this until after the wedding!

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