Meal management

As a college student I excelled in my Meal Management class. It was all quite simple, really. A meal is presented to you (ie., Thanksgiving). The type of food (duh), budget (whatever!) and guest list (now this starts to get more complicated) are the first tasks.

The rest is child’s play. Plan ahead for shopping, prepare as many recipes ahead of time as possible, schedule prep time and which items go in the oven at what time and how much fridge space you need. Write it all down on paper in a timeline form.

Funny how the high grades I earned in college don’t seem to translate into efficiency and smooth sailing in my home kitchen! I always plan too many dishes, spend much more than planned and haven’t written a timeline in 20 years! Do you suppose that is why my food is never ready all at once, I have to make 42 trips to the store or bake shop and am a frazzled mess by mealtime?

This Thanksgiving I am grateful that I have food to prepare. I am blessed to have a family with which to share my haphazard meal. I am blessed with so many things that if I started listing them all you would certainly drop over from boredom! Not the least of my blessings is the opportunity to receive a college education in a variety of disciplines which I never utilize! Sorry Mom and Dad.

On the other hand, Kaitlin, who has never had a Meal Management class, did a wonderful job of preparing ahead of time and putting together a lovely buffet for an everchanging number of people and was ready in plenty of time! Maybe I need to turn all of my planning and prep over to her!

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