This past weekend was perfect for fencing. Partly sunny. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right.


Mark and Kaitlin spent Saturday getting the corner posts set and the gate hung.

Sunday I helped string the wire and set the steel posts.

Not that I’m a fair weather cowgirl or anything, but I sure don’t mind fencing when the weather is perfect and it only takes a few hours to get around a couple of acres! Sure beats 80 acres at 40 degrees with the wind blowing!

Our new girls from Texas (Maude and Ginny) were pretty happy to stretch their legs in their new pasture! Maude is the yearling. She is also the boss. I kinda favor this girl.

On top of getting fence re-built, the last door finally went in the new building, five loads of sand filled up the riding area and the scraper showed up to finish the dirt work! Tonight we put up most of the plywood around the inside. We’ll be riding in there soon!

Or should I say Mark will be riding or driving his ponies in the new barn. I’m afraid it is baking season and I’ll be spending more time stirring caramels than tightening cinches. By the way, this new building was to be part barn and part shop. And it started out 50×80. It ended up 80×100 with sand in the whole thing. I really don’t think there will be room for a shop. One must have room to drive a team and run large circles. Really.

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2 Responses to Fencing

  1. Linda says:

    Good looking girl…..I’m having a little envy over a building to ride in.

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