Sweet Sound of Rain

It is raining tonight. It’s been a long time since we’ve heard rain on the windows and smelled that fresh dampness in the air. The water coming off the roof is a good sound. Seems crazy to say that when just a year ago we were still fighting the effects of too much water. We thought it would never stop. Then it did. This summer we thought it would never start again, but it did.

Kaitlin and I did a frantic round of fall’s work yesterday and today. Bulbs planted, greenhouses all closed up, pallets of soil put in for winter, hoses rolled up. Seems like there is always more I want to get done, but the really important stuff is finished.

This is a First Snow Aster. I wasn’t all that impressed with it last year, but this fall it is in its glory. You can’t even see its leaves! And the bees are enjoying a last supper.

Vibrant Dome aster is brightening up the garden, also. They will both benefit from this moisture!

Back to the kitchen we go! Caramels need wrapping, brochures need designing, Christmas is coming!

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1 Response to Sweet Sound of Rain

  1. Oh my goodness! We had rain over the weekend – a real summer thunderstorm! We even lost electricity for a few hours. It was such a welcome sight (and sound). It had been too long! We got 2″ of beautiful rain and it’s not even muddy. I sure wish I had some of those colors in my gardens right now. I plan to do a blog on what my gardens look like. Wait til you see the mess I had and it was a good year for the amount of weeds. 🙂

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