Sale Day at the Four Sixes

I’m glad most people at the Four Sixes on sale day did not know Mark and I were from the frigid north because I’m afraid they would have blamed us for the record cold temperatures we suffered that day! We were hoping that the cold would keep fellow bidders sitting on their hands, trying to keep them warm. But, as I said in my last post, a horseman is a horseman and a bit of frostbite isn’t going to stop him or her from getting the horse they came for! Remember that nice grey I showed you in that last post?  He went for $25,000 and his full brother sold for $43,000! This farm girl’s eyes were big!

The cowboys chillin’ (literally!) before the sale.

They had to do more than ride good horses.

There were serious bidders from all over the country.

And some future owners getting the feel for this whole auction thing! Notice the socks on her hands instead of mittens!

We were successful bidders on a two-year-old mare consigned from the Four Sixes Ranch and a nice yearling mare from the Beggs Cattle Company. Good thing we weren’t in the market for geldings! We were especially impressed with the horsemanship and horses of the Beggs family ranch.

The drive home was long, but uneventful. But I was really anxious to pull into the yard before dark on Monday. A friend had conspired with me to arrange a birthday surprise for Mark while we were gone.

No, he did not get a new barn for his birthday! That was all his own doing. But we had our brand put onto a sign and mounted while we were in Texas. I think he was pleased!

And now it’s fencing time. The corner posts are ready and waiting for wire and steel posts.


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